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By May 21, 2013Technology

Today the new XBOX One was unveiled. This represents a major step in Microsoft’s future, and considering the relative flops that windows 8 and Microsoft mobile have been this might be critical to the sucess of the company in general. In their introduction video provided in the link below Microsoft claims that “for the first time you and your TV will be connected”; however I still feel that they came up a bit short here.

Listed below are some of the key features I feel XBOX One should of offered straight out of the gate:

  1. Including Microsoft Kinect built into XBOX One. This would of been a huge draw to to those of us who don’t consider themselves “gamers.” Not to mention the instant video conferencing capabilities.
  2. Allowing the XBOX One to stream Live TV without requiring an existing cable subscription. I know for a fact that there is a lot of pent up frustration with the cable industry and their virtual monopoly on the live TV market in many metropolitan areas. Most of my friends are just waiting for a good excuse to “cut the cord” and stop paying the cable companies each month just as they did with home telephones.
  3. Including a HD TV antenna to pick up live TV and record it to a built in DVR.

Here are some of the things I believe Microsoft did well:

  1. Made the XBOX One look more like a high electronic rather than a toy.
  2. Integrated cell phones as a controller. This is one of the only reasons why I like my Comcast subscription.
  3. Group video calls with Skype. This is a pretty big deal in my mind.


All in all I think this will allow Microsoft to dominate the console gameing market for the forseeable future; unless Apple comes out with a truely integrated Live TV experience that doesn’t require an existing cable subscription. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments.

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